Shopmeds247 has a clear shipping policy regarding the medications dispatched from the source. We, here at Shopmeds247 strive to make all the customers content and satisfied with the care and services we provide.  Since the goal of the company is to ensure everyone gets the best outcome of using this platform, the following set of instructions and policies are constructed as guidelines. The instructions and policies mentioned are presented for making the transaction of goods and services transparent and are aimed to improve our relationship with the customer and with the distributers as well. For creating a more comfortable and efficient atmosphere for the customers, here are some policies mentioned to create a better experience for the customers:

  • All orders will be delivered through FedEx Overnight Shipment within 3 hours of confirmed orders by our business officials via telephone.
  • Not long after the placement of the designated order a call will be issued to the customer and the designated FedEx id will be provided with further instructions and guidance.
  • We deliver through FedEx SAME DAY and Fedex OverNight Service. Timings may vary from state to state.
  • Any request is liable to be put on hold by charging issues.
  • Estimation of the delivery is based on the region where the order is based in and receiving region. Therefore, customs may or may not be charged for the product.
  • Any request set on Monday – Saturday till 8 PM PST will be handled and transported that day and processed by following day morning.
  • We use USPS administration to convey bundles to PO Box.

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  • To be qualified for our advancements, we will contact the customer via the email. Offers may change every now and then.
  • No hidden or highly fluctuating charges are present in the billing and hence the maximum benefit is offered to the customer.
  • For inquiries please call us at +1-858 753 9237. We will receive and handle all the calls and queries within 3 working hours.
  • All requests will be transported through FedEx Overnight Shipment inside 3 hours in the wake of being checked and affirmed by our business official via telephone.
  • Get the requests confirmed shortly after placing it by calling our customer care or the order placed will not be qualified to guarantee transportation or/and refund.
  • Prompt discount or re-delivery will be done within 24 hours in case of any damage or if the item gets misplaced.
  • All meds are issued by reputable brand names so no issues of terrible quality will be encountered. All things considered, on the off chance that the customer is not happy with the quality, they will be offered the full discount inside 24 hrs after sending the container back to us containing at least 90% pill in it with no further signs of disturbance or damage.

For solutions for any further queries and problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our email or give us a call at +1-858 753 9237. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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